Innovation Programs

Connecting Brazilian Entrepreneurs with Silicon Valley Startups
Corporate Innovation Program

Brazilian companies are trying to create new innovation programs in an attempt to find the best ways to adapt to increasing competition in today’s global market. By connecting them with Silicon Valley startups we are able to minimize this increased technology gap and help them develop creative solutions in local and global markets.

University Innovation Program


Universities are struggling to create academic programs that match the complex challenges students face in today's world. By learning about Silicon Valley's mindset, faculty and staff from Brazil will enhance their university curricula and also create incentives for young entrepreneurs in Brazil.

Startup Acceleration

Due to both lack of knowledge of the business culture and the high cost of living in the S.F. Bay Area, Brazilian startups are having a hard time becoming part of this ecosystem. Valle Innovation wants to break this barrier and serve as a "port of entry" to Silicon Valley for Brazilian entrepreneurs. 

Valle Innovation Team

Innovative Minds from Distinct Backgrounds
Fernando Figueiredo

CEO, Valle Innovation

Inspired by his tenure at ApexBrasil, an agency of the Brazilian federal government, Fernando created Valle Innovation, the first Brazilian incubator in San Francisco.

Gloria Hunt.jpg
Gloria Hunt

UC Berkeley Mentor

Passionately advising foreign companies, of all growth stages, on how to assimilate the Silicon Valley way of doing business.

Kevin Smith

CEO, The Vault

Founder of The Vault, a full stack innovation ecosystem based in SF. Cofounded Seedchange in 2012. Kevin led the development of new iShares products and businesses around the world.

Matt Svetich

CEO, Effectus Group

Matt has a strong background in entrepreneurship coupled with the foundation of Big 4 accounting experience.

Brett Yokom

UC Berkeley Professor

Communication and language instructor, focusing on raising the profile of “soft skills” in the workplace.

Nina Fernandes

Advisor, Valle Innovation

Trilingual and internationally experienced, Nina is a relationship adviser and during her free time she volunteers at Latinas in Tech, where she is responsible for helping raise funds for the organization.

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